Think Dangerously.

Operations & Security Solutions for the Real World.  

Strategic. Assertive. Effective.

Flexibility and capability to get the job done, with exceptional results.

We're not sure when people stopped thinking about the big picture and about how things work together.

Nor are we quite sure when "consultant" started meaning contract labourer with no added value rather than an insightful and knowledgeable person who could advise you to make things better.

We are true consultants, and we don't limit ourselves to the status quo. Why would we limit your business' structure and operation to generic models thought up by people know nothing about your business when we can work with you and combine our expertise in processes and efficiency with your knowledge of how your business actually works, giving you a massive competitive advantage?

Why would you want your business to be generic, when it can be the extraordinary?

Value and security you can count on.

A logical comprehensive approach, by some of the best out of the box thinkers in the industry.

Assess risk.

Architect and deploy effective security methodologies, technologies and processes.

Provide top tear personnel to ensure your protection.

Train your staff to perform.

Whether you need an evaluation of your current security posture, an idea of what your risks are, a complete security framework (technology, processes, people), close protection whether low profile or in hostile environments, law enforcement or military liason, we can advise and provide.

  • Risk Assessment

  • Security Architecture

  • Close Protection

  • Tactical Training


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